Among thousands of golf courses are opening all around the world, we can say that all golf courses are different. There is a common question that many people ask is beside of the natural factors such as terrain and climate… facility, equipment and the right of participants, how the beginners choose the suitable golf course for themselves?

Nowadays, in the world, there are about 36 thousands golf courses and more than 60 million golfers in over 140 countries. The value of golf in the economic including some basic factors is related to each other such as golf course, cargo, transportation service, golf tourism and real estate…

Among 60 million golfers in the world, only about 5 – 10%, it means that under 6 million people are the professional players who attend golf tournaments overseas annually. However, in recent year, the number of professional players tends to fall significantly while the number of amateur golfers is increasing more.

If you are the amateur players, you probably do not have enough time to play 18 holes. Maybe you do not like long length golf hole and you just want to play in par 3 golf course (three clubs) only. In that case, how can you make a decision? In that case, the best golf GPS watch 2017 can help you. Continue reading “SOME TYPES OF GOLF COURSE IN THE WORLD AND HOW TO DISTIGUISH EACH GOLF COURSE”

Before moving ahead, I would like to say that plantar fasciitis is regarded as the hurting condition of foot which needs extra care and special treatment. Few vital considerations have to be taken while picking shoes generally work boots whenever people suffer from plantar fasciitis.

People may be experiencing this painful condition when bottom of their heel or feet hurt when they are standing or walking. Moreover, plantar fasciitis is highly common among mid-aged persons even though Youngers, which live extremely active routines, are becoming highly susceptible to plantar fasciitis.

In spite of this, this harmful condition is caused whenever alignment, which supports the person’s arch, is injured. It happens when regular pulling leads towards minor tearing in alignment & results in pain and swelling. Continue reading “What are the Top Features of Best Work Boots for Plantar Fasciitis Concerning Sport Actions?”

On a chilly Saturday afternoon, Halima Marshall, 22, gathers with scores of women and girls, all bundled in sweaters, scarves and mittens, and all ready to brave the treacherous domain of the Oakland Ice Center for a day of skating. On the ice, some are graceful; others stumble as they try to catch their balance. Marshall wobbles and her skates become pigeon-toed as she grabs for the rail to balance herself and falls over. Latalia Goins, 13, is right behind her.


“Come on. Get up. Try again,” Goins says, laughing.

Marshall and Goins are members of SportsBridge, a nonprofit organization that provides athletic programs and events to empower girls through sports. The only program of its kind in the country, SportsBridge girls middle-school girls with volunteer women athletes from area colleges and universities, and the corporate world. Continue reading “Teaming girls with athletic mentors proves to be a winning idea”

Robert Redford first discovered Utah’s Provo Canyon as a college student in the 1950s, when a family of Scottish Mormons ran both a mom-and-pop ski hill and a Samoan-themed hamburger counter there. It wasn’t the Polynesian burger shack that captured Redford’s attention, it was the canyon with its majestic peaks and fast-running waters that deeply inspired him. Years later, after becoming a household name in films such as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, he returned, bought 6,000 acres from the Scots, and named his land Sundance after the introspective outlaw he played in the movie.

But Redford didn’t buy the canyon to make a buck – he bought it to make a difference. He founded the Sundance Institute, an artists’ colony where writers, choreographers, and directors could create plays, dances, and films far from the corporate pressures of Hollywood and Broadway. Although Redford realized he’d need to sell lift tickets to fund the institute, as a committed environmentalist, he didn’t want to spoil the surrounding wilderness. With a team of like-minded designers, the star was able to build a resort that could turn a profit without compromising his principles. Continue reading “Sundance where else could you get skiing, screenings, and serenity”

Donna felt depressed. She had just received a low C grade on her first biochemistry test, and as a freshman medical student, she was extremely worried about her chances of staying in the program. After pulling on her jacket, she went out for a 40-minute brisk walk on the hilly roads near her school. By the time Donna returned to her dorm room, her spirits were lifted, her depression was gone, and she sat down at her desk with a renewed determination to keep pressing on with her studies.

Mary came home feeling tense, anxious, and irritable. She was a manager for a large business firm and had spent all day unsuccessfully trying to mend sharp differences between two of her key department heads. After fighting traffic for 45 minutes on the way home, she felt she needed to clear her mind. In her well-worn jogging shoes, Mary went out for a 30-minute jog on the dirt trails behind her house, and by the time she returned home, she felt completely different. Her mind felt relaxed, her mood was elevated, and all her built-up tension was erased.

Is this fact or fancy? Is it really true that exercise can help alleviate mental anxiety, depression, and other problems? Does the motion of the body influence the psychological health of the mind? Continue reading “Exercise and the mind”

Welcome to L.A., fitness capital of the galaxy, where the down-to-earth and the out-there meet

His feet sinking into the wet sand of Santa Monica beach, fitness entrepreneur Johnny G points a six-foot wooden stick skyward and closes his eyes. “I am reaching for the stars to erase negativity on the planet and in ourselves,” he intones. Then he proceeds to run with the stick, do squats and “cosmic jumps,” balance it on his hand and whip it around, finishing off with several deep breaths. This is JoSand, his new, Asian-influenced “millennium” workout. (A jo is a wooden stick that swordless peasants once used as a weapon in Japan.) Johnny G. who also invented Spinning, plans to make JoSand into an exercise class in hopes of creating the next big workout with a Zen twist. Students “sand” the stick as a way to cultivate “the awareness between nature and participants,” says G. “A Spinning bike can be anybody’s. A stick is your own.”

Continue reading “Balancing act”

It is a well-accepted fact that workout is vital for maintaining a healthy and fit body. Some individuals never like working out as they hate a fact that they need to go to a gym. Well, there must be no reason for them as it is quite possible to work out even at a comfort zone of their personal home.

Moreover, with a huge amount of models and brands which are currently available in the marketplace, it is quite difficult to make an ideal choice. As a liable consumer, users need to exert effort and time in order to distinguish all the options which they might have. It is advisable to read the recumbent exercise bike reviews on different websites.


Furthermore, it is advisable to ensure to determine not only on a basis of price however based on groundbreaking features which might make the recumbent bike perfect fitness equipment. Continue reading “What are the Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews according to Passionate Buyers?”

First of all, you need to have a quadcopter, right? If you are intending to purchase one, let check out top 10 quadcopter reviews here.

The next step is to learn how to control the device and understand its safety precautions. After choosing the right place and weather, you are ready to fly.

In order to make the quadcopter up to the air, you need to control the throttle.

You push the left stick throttle up slowly just in order to turn on the propellers. Then, you stop it.

You repeat this step many times until you have got the right feeling and comfortable with the sensitivity of the throttle.

Now, you push the throttle harder than before slowly until the quadcopter takes off the ground. Then, you slowly pull the left stick throttle back and down to zero so that the quadcopter will be landing.

When the quadcopter is flying, you see any movements that you don’t make it happen, you should use the correspondent of trim button in order to balance the quadcopter.

For example, when you find that the quadcopter is moving into the left without your control, you should adjust the trim button which is next to right stick.

You continue to adjust the trim button until you feel the relatively stable of hover from the ground by only pushing the throttle.

Congratulations! You now are pro to get the quadcopter off the ground. Continue reading “How to control the quadcopter to take off the ground?”

The development of protective headgear has relied upon very simple, basic science to provide effective protection from typical accident threats. The applications in aviation, motor vehicles and sports have proved the real value of modern safety helmets. Similar situations exist for traffic accidents involving motorcycles and bicycles, where contemporary safety helmets have been shown to give significant reductions in injury. However, the voluntary use of safety helmets by motorcyclists and bicyclists is low, and the mandatory use of safety helmets is always debated and challenged in the arena of politics, but never in the arena of science. While there are certain limitations to the protection provided by safety helmets, the overall value of their use is well documented in research.

Most of the motorcycle helmets are in dark colors. However, if you are a creative person, you can decorate your motorcycle helmets by yourself with colorful designs. In this note, I can introduce you some ways to paint a motorcycle helmet. Click here to read our expert reviews for motorcycle helmet : Continue reading “DO IT YOURSEFL: HOW TO DECORATE A MOTORCYCLE HELMET”

It is worth stating that one thing people should admit about riders then always remember that it is their desire & loud voice in communicating the likeness for this cycling activity. Moreover, it has particular & elaborate position & appealing world of the cycling fascinates others due to its health and cosmetic factors.

Moreover, there are several types of the cyclists & different kinds of the bicycles, which are currently available in the market. Either, people are cycling in order to relax themselves or even to do several cardio workouts, there are constantly some bicycles out there for catering to all their needs.

The major dilemmas among novel riders always revolves around a notion of whether to select the multi speed bicycle or best single speed road bikes. Obviously, the later looks more versatile however; it is visibly not for everyone. Continue reading “What are the Best Single Speed Road Bikes Which Cyclists & Sport Passionate Should Purchase When it comes to Budget”