Donna felt depressed. She had just received a low C grade on her first biochemistry test, and as a freshman medical student, she was extremely worried about her chances of staying in the program. After pulling on her jacket, she went out for a 40-minute brisk walk on the hilly roads near her school. By the time Donna returned to her dorm room, her spirits were lifted, her depression was gone, and she sat down at her desk with a renewed determination to keep pressing on with her studies.

Mary came home feeling tense, anxious, and irritable. She was a manager for a large business firm and had spent all day unsuccessfully trying to mend sharp differences between two of her key department heads. After fighting traffic for 45 minutes on the way home, she felt she needed to clear her mind. In her well-worn jogging shoes, Mary went out for a 30-minute jog on the dirt trails behind her house, and by the time she returned home, she felt completely different. Her mind felt relaxed, her mood was elevated, and all her built-up tension was erased.

Is this fact or fancy? Is it really true that exercise can help alleviate mental anxiety, depression, and other problems? Does the motion of the body influence the psychological health of the mind? Continue reading “Exercise and the mind”

So you have decided to go for a vaporizer pen, but now here comes a hard decision. What is best model for you? In some aspects, making the comparison with vaporizer pens is a little bit like making the comparison with other types of electronics, warranty and price are always the most important factor.

In this article, I will brief give you some information on the most essential features of the best weed vaporizer pen as well as how to choose the model that is suitable for you.

1. Desktop or Portable

The first important question to ask yourself is whether you want to have a desktop or portable vaporizer pen. If you just need a vaporizer while being on the go, it is easy to make the decision. On the other hand, if you are going to vaporize at your home, it is much harder to make a wise choice.

Although a portable model works for both inside and outside use, most of types would not offer the similar level of function as this flexible one. Continue reading “A GUIDE TO CHOOSE YOUR PROPER VAPORIZE”

Welcome to L.A., fitness capital of the galaxy, where the down-to-earth and the out-there meet

His feet sinking into the wet sand of Santa Monica beach, fitness entrepreneur Johnny G points a six-foot wooden stick skyward and closes his eyes. “I am reaching for the stars to erase negativity on the planet and in ourselves,” he intones. Then he proceeds to run with the stick, do squats and “cosmic jumps,” balance it on his hand and whip it around, finishing off with several deep breaths. This is JoSand, his new, Asian-influenced “millennium” workout. (A jo is a wooden stick that swordless peasants once used as a weapon in Japan.) Johnny G. who also invented Spinning, plans to make JoSand into an exercise class in hopes of creating the next big workout with a Zen twist. Students “sand” the stick as a way to cultivate “the awareness between nature and participants,” says G. “A Spinning bike can be anybody’s. A stick is your own.”

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It is a well-accepted fact that workout is vital for maintaining a healthy and fit body. Some individuals never like working out as they hate a fact that they need to go to a gym. Well, there must be no reason for them as it is quite possible to work out even at a comfort zone of their personal home.

Moreover, with a huge amount of models and brands which are currently available in the marketplace, it is quite difficult to make an ideal choice. As a liable consumer, users need to exert effort and time in order to distinguish all the options which they might have. It is advisable to read the recumbent exercise bike reviews on different websites.


Furthermore, it is advisable to ensure to determine not only on a basis of price however based on groundbreaking features which might make the recumbent bike perfect fitness equipment. Continue reading “What are the Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews according to Passionate Buyers?”

Does big mean bad? What Do 220 pounds look like? Most of us would say it looks “fat” or “obese.” In most cases, women who weigh 200 pounds or more would agree. But are these women really overweight? Will diet or exercise permanently affect their body size? Does their weight make them unhealthy or less able to exercise?

Researchers have found that one person’s basal metabolic rate (BMR) can differ from another’s by as much as 400 to 500 calories a day. There’s an even greater difference in the thermic effect of food, or how our bodies store or burn off extra calories. This means that while one person may need to consume 5,000 calories each day to gain weight, another may notice a change on just 800 calories a day.

Studies of twins also point to the genetic properties of weight and body shape. Twins with a hereditary tendency toward fitness are likely to grow up fat, even if adopted separately by thin families. Genetics proves to be more important than the environment. Continue reading “Large women may be healthier and happier than their thin friends”