So you have decided to go for a vaporizer pen, but now here comes a hard decision. What is best model for you? In some aspects, making the comparison with vaporizer pens is a little bit like making the comparison with other types of electronics, warranty and price are always the most important factor.

In this article, I will brief give you some information on the most essential features of the best weed vaporizer pen as well as how to choose the model that is suitable for you.

1. Desktop or Portable

The first important question to ask yourself is whether you want to have a desktop or portable vaporizer pen. If you just need a vaporizer while being on the go, it is easy to make the decision. On the other hand, if you are going to vaporize at your home, it is much harder to make a wise choice.

Although a portable model works for both inside and outside use, most of types would not offer the similar level of function as this flexible one.

A portable vaporizer usually have shorter battery lifespan and smaller chamber compared to a desktop vaporizer, so using the portable model at your home would require frequent recharge and refill. For this reason, a desktop vaporizer is more suitable for those who want to share with their friends or have longer session.

Another benefit of a desktop vaporizer is their flexibility when it comes to the ways of intake. Most portable models just permit users to breathe in directly from the mouthpiece while a desktop vaporizer provides a wide range of methods to do this such as pile, whip and balloon.

2. Method of heating

Basically, there are 2 methods of heating for the vaporizer pen: convection and conduction.

Convection, which involves transferring the heat through air particle, is considered a better method as the material and heating element never touch. But it is also an expensive and difficult method to do.

In the other hand, conduction, which involves transferring the heat through direct contact, is more popular in a portable vaporizer rather than a desktop one. It could lead to uneven heating, thereby requiring a user to shake or stir the material.

3. Temperature Control

A vaporizer that provides temperature control tends to have 3 choices: digital display, an adjustable knob or dial and a range of preset. In fact, digital display is the most popular model as it permits you to control the temperature of operating with the most accuracy. However, all of three choices offer the benefit of vaping at a fixed temperature every time.

A vaporizer that sets the temperature automatically tends to change the heat according to the speed of inhalation.

Apart from the consistency, a vaporizer with temperature control also allows users to aim the release of particular ingredients in the cannabis. Nevertheless, most of manufacturers and users just have the tendency to concern about the THC.

4. Source of Power

Another point in selecting a vaporizer pen is the source of power. This is more applicable to a portable vaporizer as a desktop one often depends on the wall adapter, which is actually consistent across the brand.

Though a few portable vaporizer pen run on the butane, most of the models depend on some kinds of rechargeable batteries. Several kinds could be more durable than the others. However, it is hard to make a comparison on the quality of battery between kinds of vaporizer without having them in your hand first.

In conclusion, if the battery is internal, you need to ensure that the vaporizer pen is supported by a warranty.

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