Robert Redford first discovered Utah’s Provo Canyon as a college student in the 1950s, when a family of Scottish Mormons ran both a mom-and-pop ski hill and a Samoan-themed hamburger counter there. It wasn’t the Polynesian burger shack that captured Redford’s attention, it was the canyon with its majestic peaks and fast-running waters that deeply inspired him. Years later, after becoming a household name in films such as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, he returned, bought 6,000 acres from the Scots, and named his land Sundance after the introspective outlaw he played in the movie.

But Redford didn’t buy the canyon to make a buck – he bought it to make a difference. He founded the Sundance Institute, an artists’ colony where writers, choreographers, and directors could create plays, dances, and films far from the corporate pressures of Hollywood and Broadway. Although Redford realized he’d need to sell lift tickets to fund the institute, as a committed environmentalist, he didn’t want to spoil the surrounding wilderness. With a team of like-minded designers, the star was able to build a resort that could turn a profit without compromising his principles. Continue reading “Sundance where else could you get skiing, screenings, and serenity”

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